Client testimonials

Adam C

My weight had been slowly climbing up on me over the years since college. I had made plenty of resolutions in the past to get healthy and get back to a good weight… all of which had failed for the most part. It was when I was being weighed for a physical and saw that I had at the time gone over 200 lbs that I knew something needed to be done. With the urging of my fabulous wife Stephanie, she’s the beautiful office manager you may have met at the front desk, I agreed to give the ideal protein plan a solid try. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to help her with her success in ideal protein last year and so I had a good idea as to what to expect.

The first week was a little hard. Then it started getting easier as I fell into some good habits and routines. We used some great recipes to make everything go as smooth as possible. I came to be excited for my weigh ins, I was eager to see how much I lost that week. And lose weight I did… dropping 40 lbs in just 3 months. I found I had more energy. I was in a really good mood fairly often and my migraines that had plagued me for years where almost nonexistent!

Having lost 40 lbs now and getting myself back to a state of good health feels truly wonderful. I know it would have been a bigger challenge to achieve my goal had I not had the incredible support of all the people here at Hilltop, so I am very grateful to all of them. I look forward to using what I have learned on ideal protein as I continue to maintain my success and enjoy much better health and wellness.

Roshini M

I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life. I went from being a chubby kid, to a slightly overweight teenager, to an obese adult. My biggest eye opener was a family wedding back in India this February.  Up to that point, I hadn’t realized that my weight was going up again. I was extremely shocked and embarrassed when my cousin showed me the wedding album.  I looked at the pictures alone and I cried.  It was a reality punch in the face.  At 25, I decided to take control of my life.

I started my IP journey in April 2016.  At first, it was difficult to break the old, bad habits.  But I kept telling myself this is temporary,  and I am doing this for myself. I started counting calories, reading foods labels, and even weighing my food to learn about appropriate food servings. The weight started coming off.  On average, I was losing at least 2 pounds per weekDon’t get me wrong — it wasn’t easy!  I had to stick with it and practice serious self-control. I would decline certain social events because they revolved around food. I brought lunch to work (8 oz. Protein), and kept healthy IP snacks on me at all times. I also started cooking meals at home using healthy recipes from Janeva’s IP cookbook.It’s not always easy, but I’ve realized that I’m worth all of the hard work.  I’m continuing to push myself to new heights so that I never stop growing and developing. 

I want to thank Dr. Marla for recommending IP, Rochelle for being  an amazing coach and a listener. And, finally, Stephanie who has given me helpful recipes (ie. Emerald Shake, etc.). This journey would not be possible without all your help, and support.   I truly appreciate all your guidance through this process. 

Michelle S

 I was that “skinny” kid. I gained weight during the years my kids were born. It seemed I gradually gained weight not because I was overeating but because I didn’t eat right and have a regular schedule due to work, school and kids. I always made excuses on why my clothes didn’t fit. I saw a picture of myself and was shocked as to how heavy I was. I had to go to the doctor and she stated I was borderline diabetic. I was shocked and upset with myself because how could I let myself get this way.  I always said I didn’t want to be that overweight mom. After I left the doctor’s office I called my friend who had lost 80 pounds on the Ideal Protein diet so I asked her what I needed to do. I contracted Hilltop Chiropractic and meet with Dr. Marla and Rochelle and this is where my journey has begun. I am down 25 pounds in two months and feel so awesome.

I have also started seeing Dr. Marla for lower back pain and better health. I have to say that my back pain is getting much better and I am feeling better every day. Dr. Marla is very dedicated to her patients and works to make your life better in every way.

I know my journey in not over in losing weight and maintaining the weight I want to be but I know I have  a great support system to see that I reach that goal.

 Thank you Dr. Marla, Rochelle and Stephanie for your encouragement and incredible support.

Peter D

I have lived for the better part of thirty years with some type of back issue from minor discomfort to sciatica in my lower back. Over the years, I would deal with the back issues as they came. In 2013, I finally had back surgery to relieve the pressure on my sciatic nerve in my lower back because I could no longer feel my feet. That fixed the worst of my back problems, but left me with all the other issues in my back and body from aches and pains to limited motion in my neck and shoulders.

Back in March of 2016, my family convinced me, after almost three months of trying, to go in and see Dr. Marla to help me. Initially, it was not for Chiropractic care. It was for the Ideal Protein Program. You see, I am also insulin resistant. So I have an extremely difficult time losing weight and keeping it off. A struggle I have had for more years than I care to count. I went to see Dr. Marla because my wife and daughter had gone to the Ideal Protein Class and came back and told me about a person, who had almost the identical problems that I had with weight loss. He was successful in his efforts to lose weight with this program. This finally gave me hope that I can do this as well.

I came to see Dr. Marla and did a complete review of my situation. To my surprise, it was not the Ideal Protein Program that was the pressing need to begin with, although that followed very quickly. It was the Chiropractic care. You see, my back was so tight and out of alignment that it was causing me many problems that I was unaware of like loss of energy, headaches, lack of motivation and the list goes on….  I was to go twice a week for adjustments, but it only took a few before I noticed a significant change in how I felt. Aches and pains were going away, energy levels and concentration were on the rise. I started to feel good again. But this was only the beginning of my journey, because I still had to deal with my weight.

Within a week, I was 100% on board with the Ideal Protein Program. It was not like anything I have tried before. The food tasted very good and I was eating small amounts all day long and drinking plenty of water. I started to see results instantly. The weight started to come off and the measurements of my body began to shrink. I also noticed that this is the only program I have tried where I have maintained my lean muscle mass and for the most part only lost fat weight. I will say it has not always been easy in this program, but my Family and the Hilltop Staff (Dr. Marla , Rochelle and Stephanie) have been very supportive and have held me accountable throughout my journey. It is the first program that has given me hope and I have not been miserable going through it. I get plenty of everything I need.

When I went to see Dr. Marla the first time, I was completely unaware of how Chiropractic care and the Ideal Protein program were so interconnected together. As I look back at everything, losing the weight is helping my back and aches and pains and getting adjustments is giving me the positive attitude and energy to lose the weight. I don’t look at these programs as two separate programs, but one program full of small positive changes that are helping me with one big lifestyle change. I wish I would have begun this many years ago. Thanks, Dr. Marla!

Gregg E 

“44 pounds! I never thought I’d be saying that I lost
44 pounds over three months. I can remember 1999 and I just cracked 180
pounds. Fifteen years later I was closing in on 260 pounds, 80 pounds heavier.
I was sick of the barriers created and the walls raised because of my constant
weight gain. Every aspect of my life was harder and more and more
uncomfortable. It was harder to play with the kids, to travel, to find
appropriate clothes and my weight negatively impacted my family happiness. I
also believe that it negatively impacted me professionally as I truly believe
society discriminates against The Obese similar to other social and
socioeconomic class discrimination that we hear about in the news everyday (the
answer isn’t to prove them wrong but to enact change in yourself).
So my journey to ‘recovery’ started with Dr.
Marla and her staff. They were great. Informative, caring, inspiring and
motivational. The first few weeks were challenging as my Diet Coke addiction
worked its way through (headaches upon headaches). But the discomfort during
those weeks was dwarfed by the feeling of accomplishment and success as daily
tasks became easier. I saw the pounds start to drop, clothes became looser. I
got to prepare my ‘fat clothes’ for donation and I’m currently packing up the
‘skinny fat clothes’ to soon follow.
Some of the best parts of the day are when others notice and actually tell you
they noticed your changes. They give you congratulations and it feels
When you start a diet you worry about failure. This program is structured to drive
success. It was easy to stick to when traveling for work, weekends away with the family, holidays, etc. You don’t realize
how much people are willing to support you in the journey until you are
engrossed in it. Friends and coworkers adapted easily to change in lunch/dinner
locale, etc. There were peaks and valleys over the past three months, but
everyone at Hilltop were right there to provide the attention and support I
needed. I have about 14 pounds to go for Phase I. I can do it.”