Meet the staff


We are here to help you improve your overall health and vitality.

Stephanie Caughey

Office Manager and Chiropractic Assistant


Stephanie has known about the extensive advantages of chiropractic for many years. She’s been a manager for various retail businesses for even longer. When both came together in July of 2014, Stephanie found the best job she has ever had at Hilltop Family Chiropractic. Sharing her knowledge of chiropractic care and seeing patients experience a wide range of benefits makes her very happy. Like most people she first started seeing a chiropractor to relieve pain. While getting regular adjustments from Dr. Marla, Stephanie was thrilled to no longer suffer from seasonal allergies.

Being on the Ideal Protein weight loss plan has improved her overall health in so many ways too. She shed almost 60 pounds. She increased her energy, self-esteem, and is making a positive impact on the health of her family members. Her husband used the Ideal Protein program to shed 40 pounds and her father-in-law is currently on his weight loss journey with Ideal Protein and down over 30 pounds.

She lives in Cottage Grove with her fantastic husband Adam and three pets, Snoopy (yorkie-poodle), Loki (tabby cat), and Luna (maltese-poodle). Without any kids yet, she is using her Mary Kay business as a means to fund an adoption. Her involvement with community theatre, most often Locally Grown Theatre, keeps her happy and busy.
Stephanie’s favorite past-times include reading and watching movies. After breaking her addiction to candy crush it was replaced by downloading the public library app on her tablet. So if you’ve read any enthralling books or seen any riveting movies recommend them to her on your next visit!

“My mission is to make everyone feel welcome and convey the lifetime wellness journey we give to all our patients and clients.”

Saharra Keppers

Ideal Protein Coach and Chiropractic Assistant


 Saharra graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health, Wellness, and Fitness with a minor in Psychology. She is currently pursuing her Health Coach Certification.

Health and wellness has become a passion for Saharra over the years. By going through her own weight loss journey, it gave her the idea to help others. Saharra knew her future was to be filled with helping others to lead a healthy and happy life. She then ventured into the health and wellness field by counseling clients with their weight loss and helping them understand a life of health. With her experience and encouragement, she has changed many lives in several eye-opening ways.

Saharra lives in Northfield with her long-time boyfriend, Mario, and their feline friend, Daisy. In her spare time she loves to immerse herself in learning more about nutrition and wellness. When she’s not being a health nerd, she enjoys finding and cooking new recipes, listening to music, and being crafty.

“My mission as your health coach is to be all you need me to be. I promise to listen, support and to be fully invested in you as you go through one of the most amazing and important journeys of your life. It is my goal to inspire and educate you to be, both physically and mentally, the healthiest version of YOU. I truly believe that health and wellness is the beginning of a most beautiful life and I am devoted to your long-term success.”