Patient testimonials

“I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was two. I’ve had many surgeries to basically correct the damage done to my joints. Two of those surgeries included cervical spine fusions. At the time my Doctor warned me to “Never go to a Chiropractor.” That scared me away from chiropractic care. However; my husband has been under Dr. Marla’s care for 20+ years. We’ve been married 9 years. He has always encouraged me to go in and see Dr. Marla. Because of what that doctor had said in the past I didn’t go in.I was in was horrible pain, pain in my neck, and I had pain running down my arm. I also had numbness and tingling in my hand and fingers. It took three weeks to get into the spine center, I saw a Physician’s assistant who told me to give it another 2 weeks, if it’s not better come in again. Well I cried. It had been a long month of icing and getting toradol injections, without much relief.Finally I took my husband’s advice and I went to see Dr. Marla. On the first visit I had relief! It gave me hope! Two weeks later I had no more pain and no numbness and tingling!! I call Dr. Marla the “Spine Whisperer” she can zero in on the area that needs it without me saying anything. Dr. Marla developed a plan for me, including exercise and she recommended I start taking supplements and probiotics. All of the Chiropractic care I have received has made such a difference in my overall wellness! I have more energy and I’ve been able to decrease pain relievers for the first time in years. I feel more in control of my own health and wellness. This can be difficult when you have a chronic disease. Dr. Marla listens and looks at the whole person.  I feel like I can be an active participant in my own health and wellness. I’m very grateful to Dr. Marla and my husband.”

“I have been suffering from debilitating migraines for more than five years.  I was not living life to the fullest, but rather enduring each day with anxiety of more headaches to come.  I desperately sought a treatment plan that did not come packed in a pill from a pharmacy. I drove by Hilltop Family Chiropractic, and decided to investigate Chiropractic care.  I turned my car around and walked into Dr. Marla’s clinic with anticipation and hope of a cure for my migraines.  This is where my healing journey began for me and for my daughters. I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments approximately three times per week for a little over one year.  My migraines have lessened from three or more per week to less than one migraine every two weeks. Not only do I feel energy and life restored to my body, but I’m saving money on medical expenses incurred from my migraines. My initial skepticism of chiropractic medicine was replaced with an absolute confidence in the healing results to the body.  It was time to introduce my daughters to Dr. Marla.  My twenty-one year old daughter developed headaches daily as a result of an injury.  She could not concentrate on her schooling as the pain was with her day and night.  After her first adjustment, the headache was instantly gone. Her eighteen year old sister had a slouched posture.  Her body would naturally bend to that slouch, even when she would attempt to put her shoulders back. After several adjustments, her posture improved drastically. She can stand straight up and push her shoulders back with ease.  Their fifteen year old sister began to visit Dr. Marla to maintain excellent health.    The benefits of chiropractic care to my family are numerous. We are sleeping better which has resulted in more energy to combat the stressors of everyday life. My Migraine pain has been reduced in severity and longevity, which has allowed me to live life to the fullest.  My daughters and I feel healthier and because we feel healthier, I can only imagine the health that is being restored to our bodies on a microscopic level. Thank you Dr. Marla!”

“I had been dealing with back pain for about a year.  It just kept getting worse and I just kept taking Advil to get by.  I went to see my Internist and was sent to physical therapy.  I was getting no results and felt no one was very interested in my back problem.  It was getting worse, not better.A business associate of mine has been a patient of Dr. Marla for 20 some years and strongly suggested I set up an appointment.  I was hurting and decided to give her a try.My intake appointment was good and Dr. Marla listened to me.  She also took an x-ray of my back.  After visiting with Dr. Marla I felt there was hope for getting myself pain free.After 9 months of chiropractic adjustments, walking daily, my exercise program and a routine of supplements I feel 80% back to my pain free self.  I feel with time I will be back to 100%!  I am committed to this as a lifelong routine and am so grateful to Dr. Marla.As a business owner myself I am impressed by the professionalism of Hilltop Family Chiropractic.  Everyone in the office is friendly and does an excellent job.  The clinic is beautiful and so well maintained but has a friendly feeling.  I enjoy my visits and feel good karma in Dr. Marla’s space.  I am happy to recommend this clinic to my friends and family.”

 “I have been seeing a chiropractor since I was 12 years old, but Dr. Marla since 2011. My initial visit was after an injury that I received.  Then when I was 16 I rolled a car and had to see the chiropractor several times a week for months, I am convinced that if I hadn’t seen him my recovery would have been much longer.  I had a work injury somewhere around 2006 that sent me to see a spine doctor who told me that seeing a chiropractor was making my injury worse, and being the young and impressionable person that I was, I believed him and didn’t see one for probably six or seven years.  In 2011 after many massage sessions that would help temporarily, but never really long enough, my message therapist convinced me to go see Dr. Marla.  Man am I glad that I finally listened.  I was having pain in my hips that was aggravated by a deployment oversees in 2009.  Soon after I started seeing Dr. Marla the hip pain subsided and I was able to go back to activities like softball and working out at the gym.There were also issues with infertility and with the help of regular adjustments and the proper physicians I am glad to say that my husband and I are expecting our first child this June and we are more that excited about his arrival.”

Bryan:  “I started going to see Dr. Marla to address some aches and pains.  During my treatment period, I was in a major bicycle accident.  Now I go regularly to keep my body aligned to help recover from the injuries sustained from my accident.  Dr. Marla has done a wonderful job adjusting my treatment based on my needs.”

Shauna:  “I have gone to a chiropractor since high school.  Gymnastics does a number on one’s back.  I met Dr. Marla at a Moms & Neighbors event and went in for a consultation.  I have been going ever since.  Dr. Marla is a non-threatening chiropractor, who cares for the patient’s overall health.   With all the stresses in life, she always addresses the issues I have at each appointment and how to make improvements or adjustments.  She continues to check in to see if things are continuing to improve.  Now my whole family has been going to Dr. Marla.  I like knowing that my active kids are getting adjusted and getting back in sync.”

Griffin:  “Going to the chiropractor makes me feel calm, relaxed, and loose.  Dr. Marla is nice and kind.”

Elyse:  “I like going to the chiropractor because I don’t feel so tight after I go.  I like the treats on family days.” 

 “I came to see Dr.
Marla in 2015 as I was having shoulder and neck pain along with headaches. I knew it was going to be a good fit
right from the start when Dr. Marla said she is more on the wellness end of the
chiropractic spectrum. I’m interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle and
getting to the root of problems in the body, not popping pills. I found that
regular chiropractic adjustments relieved my shoulder and neck pain and the
corresponding headaches were much less frequent. I’ve learned that I cannot
always control the stress that I have in my life but that chiropractic helps me
manage the symptoms that stress puts on my body.
Since I was in the office frequently I saw the wonderful
weight loss journeys that other patients were on. I thought this might help my
husband. I casually mentioned the days of the informational seminar meetings to
him but it took a long time before he decided he was ready for the Ideal
Protein journey. Finally one day he said he was ready to get started. His
weight loss journey has had some ups and downs but 44 lbs later I see such a
change in him and am extremely proud of his accomplishment!”

We have enjoyed Hilltop Chiropractic since December 1998 (19 years!). Unfortunately our relationship started when we were in a car accident and Chris was referred to Dr. Marla for treatments.

Dr. Marla quickly became our hero helping us with pain management and healing resources. Our children loved visiting the office to be treated by their favorite chiropractor!

In turn Dr. Marla became a natural resource for our family to create a lifetime of better health all around.

Chris, an interior designer, has helped Hilltop Chiropractic in creating healing spaces. The existing facility is an example of her design work.

Chuck is the Regional Sales Manager for Zero Motorcycle an all-electric motorcycle company.

Beyond the chiropractic care the Schrams are big proponents of the Ideal Protein weight loss program. In 2010 they both lost 47lbs each before their daughter’s wedding.

Currently they are back on the program and have lost a total of approx. 25lbs each since the beginning of the year. They both travel for business the toughest part of the diet is being on the road and staying true to the diet. They each have great tips to share with others on “how to on the road”. They have never felt healthier than when they are on this program. They have made this a competition to see who can get to their goal weight before the other which keeps them both very focused and motivated.

Dr. Marla has not only become our favorite chiropractor but she is a great friend who has supported our entire family through pain and the daily stresses of life.

We highly recommend Hilltop Chiropractic as they are the true meaning of Healthcare Excellence!